Geocache Answer 2

2. Pritchard Park
Lat. N47 36 57.3           (N47 36.955)     [N47.615917]
Long. W122 30 33.66.  (W122 30.561)  [W122.509444]

Latitude: The orca whales who live in Puget Sound live in groups called pods. Researchers have discovered that the pods seem to be led by ______?
57. Orca pods are led by the oldest female in the pod. Orcas live in pods made up of family groups that form around the oldest female. Her children and grandchildren spend their whole lives with her. Puget Sound is home to the J, K and L pods of orcas, and each is made up of several smaller family groups. The whales in a pod each know the unique pod call sound, and they seem to use it to identify each other by family, kind of like our last names!

Longitude: How many pieces of plastic litter enter the world's oceans each day?
33. Eight million. That adds up to 13,000 pieces of plastic for every square kilometer of ocean. Between 90 and 95% of all marine debris is plastic. About 80 percent of marine plastics originate on land, blown or carried to the sea as urban runoff through storm drains and watersheds. Well over half of them are consumer products that haven't been property disposed of.

Marine debris impacts nearly 270 species worldwide. More than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine
mammals and sea turtles die each year from ingestion or entanglement.