Programs FOL Supports

In addition to the library Endowment established by the Friends, the Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library supports other important library programs.  Among them are:

Refresh Project

Just as in the past with major projects at Bainbridge Public Library, the Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library have stepped up to support the Refresh Project which is the renovation of the library interior and expansion of the main conference room.  In 2016, the Friends were able to contribute a total of $58,338 for the Refresh Project which began construction at the end of March 2017.  In 2017, the Friends added to their contribution and reached a total of $90,000, making them one of the two major project donors.  (Rotary with their donation of $100,000 is the other major donor).

Summer Learning

A perennial favorite that Friends of the Library have supported for many years is the "Summer Learning" program (formerly known as "Summer Reading").  This program provides activities and motivation for children through adults to engage their minds with reading, projects, and other activities through the summer months.  The program is organized, staffed, and delivered county-wide by Kitsap Regional Library.  In 2021 the Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library donated $4,000 to support this program for our library.

Library U

The Friends of the Library provide partial funding for arguably the most popular adult program. Library U organizes and puts on several series through the year, beginning in January with Great Decisions which discusses U.S. Foreign policy topics.  Other topics include in-depth programs on WWII history, neuroscience, climate, Bainbridge geology, and many more interesting subjects moderated by an expert in the field.  A small group of volunteers handles all of the organization, topics, and scheduling.  Currently this program is so popular that it has often outgrown the library capacity and is held in a larger area elsewhere on the island.

Children's Aquarium

In 1998 the Friends of the Library decided to contribute a salt-water aquarium filled with colorful tropical fish both for educational and entertainment purposes.  The aquarium is always popular with the younger children, often keeping them distracted while older siblings or parents can browse for books or magazines.  The Friends continue to pay for Clayton Aquariums' maintenance of the aquarium each month. For those of you who missed the aquarium during the Refresh Project construction, the fish and aquarium are back from their "vacation".

Library U program
Library U
2018 Library U program