President's Message

January 1, 2024

Hello Dear Friends of the Library,

The mission of the Friends of the Library is to raise money for the Bainbridge Public Library Endowment Fund and other select needs.  We contribute to support children�s, teen and adult programming, the "Library U" program series and the beloved fish tank. 

Founded in 1971, the Friends has nearly 70 volunteers who welcome community donations, sort and price them and manage three book sales each month.  We had a record year in 2023 and raised over $75,000 through your generosity to increase the Endowment Fund, helping build resources for BPL's future plans. 

We are proud to partner with BPL and KRL to bring library resources to our community. 

Carol Schuyler
President, Friends of the Library

Carol Schuyler
Carol Schuyler, President