President's Message

January 1, 2023

Hello Dear Friends of the Library,

First, whether you have just joined us, a warm welcome! or have been with us for years, so glad to have you. Your time, energy and contribution to Friends makes a real difference in our community. We are so grateful for all that you do.

Our book sales help fund this important place, our wonderful library on the corner of Madison and High School Road and programs that are offered. Friends contribute money to the current projects for the maintenance of the facilities and grounds. We also contribute to an endowment that ensures that there will be a source of income for ongoing and future library needs.

This year we made an astounding $8146.67 from our foyer sales and $38,818.81 from book sales. A further $20,549.49 was made from online sales. 

Of course, we couldn't have done that without you. It takes a lot of people to make that happen. And a generous community that is willing to donate their books.

Some fun things that we also contribute to are the summer learning program, and children, teen, and adult  programs.

We pay for the maintenance of the aquarium as well, and if you haven't stopped by lately there is a new fish, a candy cane squirrelfish so check it out!

I will be the president of FOL again this year. Joining me are:

Carol Schuyler,Vice President and secretary
Charlie Browne,Treasurer
Judy Ruliffson
Joan Chandler
Linda Meier
Kathy Bolles
Merry Palmer
Sandy Kress
Barbara Erickson
Charlene Selvar
and new member Dawn McNamara

Wishing you a healthy and peaceful new year!

Betsy Bidinger

Betsy Bidinger
Betsy Bidinger, President