Unusual Finds

When we're sorting donations on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we occasionally run across some interesting and unusual finds.  Here are some that we think are the most interesting.

Philologia Sacrae - published in 1653

Early in 2017, one of our volunteers sorting through a box of old books that had just arrived as a donation, found a 4" thick leather bound book that seemed very old.  Looking up the book online revealed that it was a Biblical text published in 1653 in Germany by Salomon Glassius. Rather than sell this ancient text, which was still in good condition, we donated it to the University of Washington Rare Books collection.

War Bonds 1943 - 1945

It always amazes our FOL volunteers what is found in donated books.  In January, 2009, one of our regular sorters found two $25 Series E War Bonds folded in the pages of paperback book, "Mallory & Irvine".  The current value of the bonds was about $100 each. After searching and using some genealogy help, we located the descendants in Florida and were able to return the bonds to them.  They were happy to have them as mementos of their parents.

Cash Found in Books

When reading a book, people often use various bookmarks, and when they donate those books, often we find they leave those bookmarks in the books.  We have collected and given away many beautiful and unusual bookmarks made of all sorts of materials.  However, the most unusual bookmark we've run across is a $100 bill which we're sure the owner didn't intend to leave with the book.  However, there was no way that we could identify the donor of the book and so it was impossible to return it.  Less unusual and more frequent are $1 and $5 bills serving as bookmarks.  

Original Will - 1961 - George Everetts

The original, handwritten two-page will, dated October 7, 1861, of George Everetts was found in a donated book.  George was 61 years old at the time, living in the town of Lawrence, St Lawrence Co, New York.  His wife was Abigail Everetts and he had two sons (Luther and Frederick). Also found was a postcard from Jerusalem, dated March 15, 1933 from Cousin Rose to Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Haak of Chicago.  We don't know if the postcard and the will have any connection.

December 14, 2007
The St. Lawrence County Historical Society has indicated they would like to add the George Everetts will to their collection.  They published several articles about this family several years ago.  According to them, Abigail and George Everett(s) started the prosperous farm about 1826.

January 10, 2008
As no one showed up to claim the above will and as the St. Lawence County, New York, Historical Society had asked for it, the will was sent to them for their collection.

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