Geocache Answer 3

3. Ferry Dell Park
Lat. N47 40 16.1       (N47 40.268)     [N47.671139]
Long. W122 34 40.8  (W122 34.680)  [W122.578055]

Moderate. This requires a walk of about 1/4 mile down and back up a fairly steep trail that can get muddy in places after a rainfall. Wear good walking shoes.

Latitude: What should do if you find a baby seal alone on a beach?

16. You should leave it alone. Mother seals often leave their babies alone on the beach while they fish. Sometimes people find them and think they`ve been abandoned, but really they`re OK. If you find a baby seal that`s alone and you REALLY think it needs help, call an aquarium, zoo, or wildlife rehabilitation center and tell them about it. They`ll help you figure out if the seal really needs help.

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Longitude: Plastic litter typically bio-degrades in about
40. Plastic is forever – it does not bio-degrade. Every piece of plastic that has ever been made in still
with us today. Plastic does, however, photo-degrade, which means it slowly breaks apart into smaller
and smaller pieces, called "micro-plastics." These micro-plastics mimic natural micro-organisms, like
plankton, that play a critical role in the aquatic food chains. They now outnumber zooplankton in the
marine environment by 6 to 1.
The toxins from plastic debris are showing up in shellfish, harbor seals, orca whales, seabirds, and fish
and working their way up the food chain to the seafood that we eat.